Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Reading books and CDs

Dear Parents and students,

For students who need extra help enjoying reading, I allow them to read grade level books while listening to a CD. This means that they need to read with their eyes while listening to the CD. That being said, I have recently purchased some new books in addition to the ones I have had since the beginning of the year. IF YOUR CHILD WANTS TO BORROW A BOOK AND CD FOR CLASS READING THEY NEED TO BRING THEIR OWN CD PLAYER AND EARBUDS. The reason is quite simply I do not have enough.

Thank you,
Ms. MacKinnon

Monday, September 18, 2017


MONDAY: place value practice sheet

TUESDAY: Writing paragraph indicating nouns, proper nouns and verbs
afternoon class: health sheet to be completed indicating multiply food groups in combination dishes. for example pizza has, vegetables, grains, cheese, meat (potentially)

WEDNESDAY: place value practice sheet

THURSDAY: Out of My Mind summary of chapter three

Monday, September 11, 2017

Homework for the week of September 11-15

Good Monday morning to All,

Here is the homework for this week. Remember to check the blog frequently as I will be adding information throughout the week.

Thank you,
Ms. MacK

Monday: math sheet in multiplication using the chart if you need it (but try not to if you can)
Tuesday : Complete "50 Things I Love"
Wednesday: cursive writing the first two pages (about ten letters on each page) 
Thursday: Padlet (stay tuned for Padlet address)

Friday, September 8, 2017


Dear Parents and Guardians,

This was a wonderful first week for me! I hope your child feels the same way. A few things to point out of which your child is already aware. In my classroom children are allowed to chew sugarless gum whenever they want. The reason is because there have been studies which prove that chewing gum helps to focus the mind so that one can attend to the task. So, if you are in agreement, feel free to pick up a pack of gum for your child. In addition,  in my classroom children are allowed to eat healthy food whenever they want. This means that we do not have an actual snack time which also means that snack time does not cut into our learning time. This also means that your little darling may be eating all of their food prior to lunch time so you may want to pack a bit more, such as an extra fruit or veggie or granola bar. On Sunday evening I will be posting homework for the week. Please encourage your child to check the blog each night to ensure they have done their homework. I have included the blog address on the magnetic business card which I sent home this week. I look forward to meeting all of you and I am super excited to be working with this specific group of children!

Patricia Mackinnon OCT

Tuesday, September 5, 2017


 Dear Parents,

Starting next week I will be posting homework for the week. The suggested amount of homework for each grade is ten minutes per grade. Therefore, grade 4 students can be expected to do at most 40 minutes of homework each night. That being said, I generally give about ten to twenty minutes per night, Monday to Thursday inclusive. The biggest reason I give homework is to teach children about how they need to take responsibility for their own education. As grade 4 students they are now junior students and are only three years away from high school. If they don't learn the discipline now for homework and taking responsibility, they will have a really tough time in years to come. Please encourage your child to do their homework each night so they practice skills which are required by the Grade 4 curriculum. Nothing that I put on the homework posts will be new concepts. I will have taught it at some point or it will be a Grade 3 expectation for which they need practice. All students know how to find the blog and I will remind them over the next few weeks.

Patricia MacKinnon

p.s. The secret word is sugarfree gum

Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Dear Parents and Students,

This blog site will be used throughout the year. I post weekly updates which include assigned homework as well as tips and hints for upcoming assessments such as book reports, Kidblog posts, Padlet and tests. In fact, I frequently include actual test questions for math on this site and simply change the numbers. Should you need clarification with tests or assignments I am happy to do so if you send me a quick email. That being said, I have a family and tend to stay off of technology around dinner time for the evening. My email address is patricia.mackinnon@ocsb.ca. Should you need to discuss something regarding your child, I am happy to set up a telephone meeting or a face to face meeting depending on circumstances.
Please refer to this site several times a week.

Patricia MacKinnon