Thursday, February 15, 2018

math Patterning test Tuesday and homework each night

Dear Parents and Students,
I can not stress enough how the students need to be reading their novel and/or working on their book report each night. This report is due into me next week and some students have barely started typing up their report despite copious time given during class time. I will not be grading books reports past the due date. A late report will result in a zero grade!

Regarding math Patterning test. I will be giving the final math patterning test on Tuesday. Study for this test would be beneficial using the patterning work sheets we have done up until now. The students know that they will need to (1) find the rule in T-chart patterns, (2) find the rule in a pattern using blocks with different attributes and (3) find the core in each pattern. Friday morning, The students can pick up their math work sheets in an effort to practice.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Reports. reports and reports!

Dear Parents and students,

Even though we will be having student-led conferences on February 22 where your child will explain to you what they have been learning and doing in school, I wanted to offer interviews for parents who may have some concerns regarding their child's report cards. I am always available to speak to you either by phone or in person, however, this invitation is especially for those parents who may need information so they can help their child progress more efficiently. Therefore, if you have concerns please accept my invitation to meet. I am available through my email to set up a time.

Most sincerely,
Patricia MacKinnon

The due date for the Book Reports for the morning Language arts students has been extended until next Friday, February 23. That being said all students should be well on their way in writing this report. I have sent a template to all students in their Language Arts folder in Google Drive. They are being given time in class as well as the opportunity to bring the novel home and read it so that this report can be finished. This template was sent in late January to your child. The reading of the book began in the middle of January. Please encourage your child to work away at it each day. My goal is to reinforce responsibility with your child and to take pride in their work. 

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Scholastic Canada can now be ordered online!

Follow the link on the top left if you want to order books and such.

Pay online and the book will come to me with an email attached so I know what you ordered.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Note about homework for students and parents

Dear Parents and Students,

As this is report card writing season, there has not been any formal homework for the students.

That being said, the morning students each have a novel they are reading and Reading Responses to write after each section/chapter. In addition, there is a book report they will be assessed on for this novel. In their Language Arts folders is a template for the writing portion of the book report. I expect that each student is working away at this report each day or so. The book report is due into me by Friday, February 16th. Late submissions will be noted in the report card as late. This will not deduct from final marks but is noted.

Multiplication practice is ever increasingly more important to be memorized. Daily practice for one table helps to increase confidence while at the same time, not overwhelm new learners in this skill.

Afternoon class is working on creating a musical instrument out of house hold supplies. This is due into class for assessment by Monday, February 12. "I forgot it at home" won't be entertained. Either it is done and at school or it is not.
That is the update for this week.
Plug away my cute little students!

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Homework for the week of January 22-25 inclusive

Morning class
Multiplication 6x tables
This week we will be working on a religion project which will be shown to the school in an assembly.
We are continuinf with persuasive writing
We are continuing with our group novel studies...a book report will be due in a couple of weeks on the book you have been assigned

Xtramath is one way to practice  math facts. Some kids HATE the time factor. The time factor is only important because you need to know your math facts so well you barely need to think. It just helps with math in all strands. Which means better marks. Which means confident kid!
So, xtramath should be done each night or math cards...I will refresh math cards tomorrow.
Afternoon class
Science project must be finished by Thursday
Ted Harrison art project must be finished by Thursday
Please have parents sign your form for the free throw contest for the Knights of Columbus. They will be sent home on Monday.

Morning class
Multiplication  7x tables

Afternoon class
Science project


** URGENT MESSAGE Since many of the students did not do well in the Measurement test two weeks ago I have decided to review all pertinent information and retest the entire class. Parents, please study with your child to ensure they understand the concepts of unit conversion (converting numbers between millimeters, centimeters, meters, kilometer, and decimeter); they must know each step to fill the steps in as in the picture below;
Image result for metric conversion steps

they must be able to accurately measure a line and give the measurement in both centimeters and millimeters; they must be able to find the perimeter in quadrilaterals.

Morning class
Multiplication 8 x tables....Thursday Mad minute will be 6, 7 and 8 times tables

Afternoon class
Science project

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Homework for the week of January 15 to 19 see below

Dear Parents and Students,

This past week we completed two of three math tests and four Mad minutes which are multiplication tests which have anywhere from 10 to 25 math facts which require answers within one minute.  Grade 4 is the year when our young children at this grade go from being primary students to junior students. With that switch also comes a greater need for serious studying. Knowing one’s multiplication facts is paramount in order to find success in all math strands. Last year the students learned math facts in a concrete manner such as sorting twelve buttons into three equal groups and concluding that 3 x 4 =12. In Grade 4 the students have to know their math facts by heart...they must be memorized. Daily drill including math games, seems to be the only way that these facts can be learned.

This week parents will see a duotang that will require that each test/quiz be signed so that parents are aware of their child’s standings. I urge you to help your child every day to learn a new math table so that he/she can be successful at math and feel confident.

Tomorrow is the final test in math. This test will be in Data Management.

Please look for the duotang as of Tuesday.
Thank you,

Ms. MacKinnon OCT

Monday: multiplication facts...2 and 3 times tables
Also xtramath
Tuesday: multiplication facts.,. 3 and 4 times tables
Also xtramath
Wednesday:  multiplication facts... 4 and 5 times tables
Also xtramath
Thursday: 2, 3, 4, 5 times table
Also xtra math

Friday math test on times tables from 2 x 2 to 5 x 12 inclusive

Monday, January 8, 2018

Science practice questions

Dear afternoon class,

Please complete your pictures of two habitats.

Next, make certain you can answer these questions in full sentences. Since you have your notebook and duotang in your bag use your notes to inform your answers.

Wild Kratts

Kratts Creatures Game

Practice Questions for Tuesday
1. Name three different animals that have three very different  habitats. Why is their habitat made the way it is. For example a squirrel uses mud, leaves and sticks high up in a tree. They make the mud and then layer it with sticks for strength and leaves for covering to keep weather like rain and extreme heat out. They make their homes high on the tree so that predators won't get them. If they choose their tree well, such as an oak tree, they could also have their food source close by.

2. How are plant seeds repopulated by animals?

3. Using the sheet entitled, What's For Dinner", What are the three categories of animals based on their food preferences?

4. Classify these animals into the three different categories.

cat, dog, frog, insects, lion, snake, worms, fox, ducks, robin, gorilla, elephant, tigers, wolf, goldfish, ats, pigs, bears, crow

Good job... we will discuss the answers to this homework tomorrow. 

1. What is a habitat?

2. What is behavioral adaptation?

3. What is structural adaptaion

4. What are the five things that all plants an animals need?

5. Name three habitat communities an identify the plants they need to live. 

6. What animal depends on another animal for protection?